Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching can look like a lot of different things which is why there are so many coaches available when you look around the marketplace.  A good coach is going to help you realize your potential and do this by building around your strengths and supporting you in continuous growth.

What sets you apart from other available career coaches?

A lot of things. The first few are hard to quantify, but that doesn't make them less important.  A coach should be genuine, authentic, and trustworthy.  These elements form the foundation of a supportive relationship.  When that foundation is established, there are healthy avenues for me to challenge you your thinking and your perceptions. All human growth happens in moments of controlled adversity.  I am going to establish strong rapport and a trusting relationship with each and every client so that I can guide you to mental and emotional space to realize significant growth and pick up some forward momentum.  Beyond that, I actually do this work for a living. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and I have spent tens of thousands of hours working with individuals in a career coaching/counseling role. I have worked in business and understand the inner workings of organizations and the direction of the 21st century workforce. Finally, I have sat in the other chair.  I know what it feels like to be stuck at a career crossroads without any clue of which way to go.  I too needed a some guidance, support, and an accountability partner to see myself through to a better outcome.

What types of services do you provide?

Free:  Access to the CareerFli blog and exclusive interviews/profiles of professionals who have made unexpected career shifts or overcame significant adversity to redefine their narrative (career) self.


  • CareerFli (Proprietary) Career Assessment + Full Results

  • Assessment Interpretation

  • Flexible Online Coaching Sessions

    • Exploration of Narrative Self

    • Career Mobility "Flight Plan"

    • Ikigai: Purpose and Passion Work

    • Interview and Resume Support

What types of services do you not provide?

While I am a certified counseling professional, I will not be providing formal counseling services with CareerFli.  This means no psychotherapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or any other type of counseling orientation that does not specifically align to working through changes or adaptations in your current career path.

How much do you charge for your services?

The short answer is, it depends.  Generally speaking I work on an industry rate of $90/hr. 

While I would love to provide a "Paid Plan" option on the site with a fixed cost model, it just is not practical for you or for me. This work often looks different with every client and I don't want to create packages that fail to serve all clients. I want to be flexible in creating any mix of these services that are going to benefit you by type and duration. I think you will find these rates to be competitive among other career counselors and coaches.

A few common service examples: 

If you would just like to receive access to the CareerFli assessment and your full results without any follow up work, that would price at $15. For the individual who wants to take an assessment and hold a 30 minute interpretation call to process their results; I would quote this at $60, with the cost of the assessment built-in. For someone that would like to add on two coaching sessions with respect to switching careers or finding a new job after engaging in the previous two services, that would price at $60 + $90 * 2 = $240. 

*Note: If you are a high school or college student looking to receive additional career support, I will provide a deep discount on these services.

How do I book your services?

This is going to be shocking for some, but I don't have a way for you to instantly book my services.  Successful outcomes in coaching and counseling always require a relationship built on trust.  The best way to build trust and credibility is for me to get some context around your story and offer the appropriate course of action to help you get where you want to go.  I don't believe in asking you to pay into a package that may not effectively serve you.  Additionally, I want to make sure that anyone who decides to work with me understands that there is hard work that happens on both sides of this partnership. Level setting that expectation means that you know exactly what you are getting from me and I know that you are all-in in trying to reach a positive outcome.

So to move forward in booking my services, shoot me an e-mail: and provide a general overview of your current situation and your reason for seeking career support. The e-mail won't cost you a dime and it will be our way of connecting to see if this will be a positive partnership for you as you look to reach new heights in your career life.  If we are both on the same page, I will send you an invoice and we will get to work!



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